Pig Fucking Was a Popular Theme at the Tory Party Conference Protests This Weekend

A large People's Assembly march streamed through Manchester to throw the Conservative Party an unwelcoming party.

by Simon Childs, Photos: Chris Bethell
05 October 2015, 2:00pm

It must be weird going to a big get-together with all your pals and finding tens of thousands of people have gathered with the sole purpose of telling you to fuck off. Like if you went to Reading Festival and hordes of angry locals amassed outside the gates to spit at you and call you scum as you tried to dodge the sniffer dogs.

But that's what happened to the Tories this weekend as they arrived in Manchester: a large People's Assembly march streamed through the city to throw them an unwelcoming party. Most protesters walked around holding placards with slogans protesting welfare cuts—or jokes about pig fucking—and listened to Billy Bragg play socialist anthems and trade union leaders pour scorn on the government's austerity program in speeches.

When the march came to an end, a few gathered around the conference entrance to scream "Tory scum" at the party members who were making their way into the conference zone, which is guarded by police with sub-machine guns and private security guards carrying out airport-style security checks.

Party members in the venue looked on somewhat nonplussed from the smoking area, from which there was an excellent view of the Tory hate party. When questioned about the people who went to all this effort to show how much they hate them, they mostly said magnanimous things about people having the right to protest in a democracy.

Presumably the same can't be said for the young Tory guy who got an egg thrown in his face.