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What Is 'World Emoji Day' and Why Is It Happening Today?

It's the day listed on the calendar and datebook emojis, and people are going fucking nuts.

by VICE Staff
17 July 2015, 3:57pm

Thumbnail Image via Flickr user Rob Marquardt.

Thumbnail Image via Flickr user Rob Marquardt.

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Early on Friday, July 17, people around the internet began to lose their shit about #WorldEmojiDay. But what the fuck is World Emoji Day, and why are people tweeting at the rate of 47.80 tweets per minute about it? Well, July 17 is the day marked on two of the emoji keyboard symbols—the calendar and the notepad. Fervent emoji users have expressed their sentiments with extensive use of these Emojis, on the only day of the year that they can.

But why July 17? According to the Washington Post, the date reads July 17 because that was the day iCal was first premiered at MacWorld. It was also the generic date that iCal used to display before starting up. The Twitter version of the calendar emoji says July 15 instead of July 17, to commemorate the anniversary of Twitter's launch.

To try and make a few bucks off Friday's Emoji Day craze, Pepsi decided to launch an entire marketing campaign around the celebration, including a release of their own brand-incorporated emoji keyboard. So if you want to help a multinational soft drink conglomerate with its brand recognition or celebrate humanity's devolution of language by reading Moby Dick translated entirely into emoji, today's the day!

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