This Man Is Tattooing Himself Every Day Until Lockdown Is Over

"I look like a piece of blue cheese. There is very little space left that I can actually reach."
29 April 2020, 5:46am
UK Tattoo Artist Tattooing Himself Every Day in Lockdown
Photos from Chris Woodhead on Instagram. 

People are dealing with lockdown life in different ways. Some bake, some go on virtual dates, and others strip naked for TikTok. And then there’s one guy who has decided to tattoo himself every day until the end of quarantine.

On March 23, the United Kingdom went into a nationwide lockdown. As of writing, COVID-19 has infected more than 158,000 people and claimed over 21,000 lives in the country. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was previously warded in an intensive care unit for COVID-19, has announced that the lockdown measures will not be eased anytime soon.

Before the lockdown, British tattoo artist Chris Woodhead had about 1,000 tattoos. Right now, he has another 40, and is adding one hand-poked tattoo to his body of work with every passing day in home quarantine.

“The idea of tattooing myself every day was to give myself a bit of direction. Without structure people are at a complete loss," Chris told the BBC.

"I find tattooing therapeutic anyway. Right now I'm drawing what's on my mind.”

Photos of his daily tattoo endeavours are shared on Instagram.

“As you probably gathered by now I am tattooing myself every day throughout self-isolation/lockdown,” his Instagram story reads. “I’ll post every one. Some will be shit. Some will be good. And all will be terrible photos. Take care.”

According to 7NEWS, Chris’ favourite tattoo so far is a relatable “WHEN WILL IT END?” on the sole of his left foot, carved in a scratchy grunge font.

There’s also this tribute to Mr. Joe Exotic from the Netflix series Tiger King, which took home quarantine by storm.

But Chris has a very valid concern for his unique quarantine project — he’s running out of canvas for his tattoos.

“I’m struggling more with space on my body than for ideas of what to tattoo!” he told 7NEWS.

"Realistically, I've probably got a month's worth of tattoo space left," he said. "If I'm truly honest, I look ridiculous — I look like a piece of blue cheese. There is very little space left that I can actually reach."

It seems like he’s exploring more unconventional tattoo locations, like these edgy dots on his fingertips.

Or just tattooing over his tattoos for a more layered, chaotic look.

It will be hard to top this man's dedication.

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This article originally appeared on VICE ASIA.