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Watch Brian Fresco's Surreal Romance Unfold in the Video for "Bae"

The Auto-Tune-drenched cut from 'SoulMoney' deserves to be a sleeper hit.

by Kyle Kramer
04 November 2014, 6:25pm

Even after Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa, Chicago's SaveMoney crew has a pretty deep roster of talent, including Brian Fresco, who, in addition to catching the ear of Soul Trap producer and all-around Chicago talent Tree, has gotten my attention over the last year for his introspective writing and unique sound. His and Tree's collaborative September mixtape SoulMoney is one of my favorite hip-hop projects of the last couple months, merging the sounds of older Chicago rap (specifically Kanye West in his chipmunk soul sample phase) with some of the more experimental leanings of current Chicago. In particular, "Bae," which we're premiering the Peter Campbell-directed video for above, is a weird, Auto-Tune-drenched take on romance that's been stuck in my head for weeks. With a surreal, Michel Gondry-like visual interpretation of Brian Fresco and his partner downing a bottle of whiskey and a blunt flying into Brian Fresco's mouth, it's as jarring a video as the song itself, and it makes the whole thing go down a little better and a little weirder. Check it out above.

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tfw bae sings in auto-tune