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Either Death Cab For Cutie’s Facebook Account Was Hacked, or They Really Love to Eat Butts

"It's the most important meal of the day."

by Dan Ozzi
20 August 2015, 2:41am

Facebook hacks. They happen to even the best of us, and also, those who pick "password" as our passwords. Today’s internet victim was Death Cab for Cutie’s Facebook page. Someone must’ve figured out the band’s password or something (“sadboiz4life” and “followUin2thedark” are our guesses) because for a few glorious minutes this evening, Ben Gibbard and company felt the swift, but brutal wrath of hackers. Normally this wouldn't be all that funny or interesting, but what ended up getting posted in this brief hack time was, uh, as one confused commenter put it, "Not so Death Cab-by." The posts were promptly deleted but not before the good people of the internet were able to grab some screenshots so that they may live on for all web eternity...

Continued below.

Here is one about the seven best sexual positions, as illustrated by two shadow figures...

And here is another list of only six sexual positions, as illustrated by the much more raunchy photo of a dude eating butt.

Thank you, Mallory Gunther.

Death Cab bassist Nick Harmer confirmed on Twitter that this was, in fact, a hack, and that the band does not publicly condone butt as a nutritious breakfast option.

Who are these hackers and why do they want us to know the six to seven best sexual positions? Why are they so intent on sexually educating Death Cab for Cutie fans? What does Ben Gibbard think of all this butt-eating? What are the other five to six sexual positions?* We may never know.

*If you know, DM us. We only know the two—on top and underneath.