Raise Your Boot For Tyrannamen, The Garage Rockers Who Stole the Show at Golden Plains

Ahead of their hometown album launch this weekend we caught up with the Melbourne rockers to find out about their Golden Plains performance.

30 March 2016, 6:17am

Image: YouTube

On an action-stacked line-up that included Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Royal Headache, the Buzzcocks and Sleater Kinney, one of the highlights of the recent Golden Plains 2016 was Melbourne rockers Tyrannamen .

The soulful five-piece took the stage mid-afternoon Sunday scheduled between the Malian Songhoy Blues band and hip-hop king Freddie Gibbs. It didn’t take long for their bruising but fun rock and roll to win the crowd. Led by the charismatic - and bloody lipped - vocalist Nic Imfeld, the band sped through all their hits from their debut self-titled album.

While we’ve been blasting their debut album in the Noisey office since it’s release earlier this year, and have had the band play one of our parties, it was great to see them blast tracks like “My Concrete” and “You Should Leave Him” on the big stage.

Watch the band perform "You Should Leave Him" below and ahead of their hometown album launch this weekend read a brief chat we had with Nic about their Golden Plains performance.

Noisey: "You Should Leave Him" was the last song of the set but you'd earlier busted your lip pretty bad.
Nic Imfeld: Yeah, it was straight away. The mic was just really hard to take out of the stand. I kept pulling at it and eventually smashed myself in the mouth, pretty hard. It bled the whole set.

Is it difficult to sing with a bloody mouth?
Nah, not for me. Just kidding. It is a bit different to normal, but it's not terrible.

You had the 2pm Sunday slot. Had it been a late night the night before?
Kinda late, yeah. We didn't go too hard but we weren't as boring as we had planned.

For an outdoor music festival it sounds pretty good.
Yeah, it sounds sick on stage. They do a real cool job.

I saw a fair few of your friends there but for a lot of people it was probably the first time of seeing you. Everyone seemed to be digging it by the end. Did it feel good to play such a sick set?
Yeah man, we all had a ball. It’s a big stage, so we got to run around a bit. People were having fun standing in a big paddock. It was cool.

Your drummer Chris is a powerhouse. I saw his Dad standing proudly side of stage.
Chris and I grew up playing music together and his Dad has always been super supportive of us, so he came as a drum tech. Pretty much all he said for the whole festival was "How good's this?" Jez rules.

Did you chat to Freddie Gibbs backstage?
Not really. He and his crew were hard as fuck. I said “G'day” but I'm really annoying and they hated me.

The line-up this year was pretty rad. Buzzcocks, Royal Headache, yourselves and ECSR. Did you have a highlight or best moment?
Yeah it was. I had a lot of highlights. Royal Headache killed it and watching No Zu with Rob Solid was sick. Obviously Eddy Current were incredible, however, my favourite moment was when Coco from Cool Death ate shit trying to stage dive during ECSR. I've never seen anything like that.

Tyrannmen's debut album is available now through Cool Death Records.

The band launches the album in Melbourne this Saturday at the Tote Hotel with Tommy T & the Classical Mishaps and Spotting.