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Briggs Can't Believe That We Are Still Talking About Blackface in 2016

The Australian hip hop star has taken to social media to call out racist commenters after images of men in blackface appeared online over the weekend.

by Noisey Staff
01 February 2016, 4:50am

Image: Facebook

“It’s 2016, in Australia, and you have to explain to people why blackface is not a good idea? That’s bananas," explains Australian hip hop star Briggs in relation to controverisal photos that appeared over the weekend.

Briggs has been using Facebook and Twitter to name and shame racist commenters after images depicting two men dressed in black face at an “Aussie-icon”-themed party appeared online.

When reached for comment earlier today, Briggs said that racist commenters should “never underestimate” the reach of social media. "People’s ideas of what’s acceptable come out when stuff like this appears.”

Briggs has joined musicians Thelma Plum, Funkoars and Hilltop Hoods in condemning the image that appears to have been taken at Learmonth Football Club near Ballarat on the weekend.

The photo of the men dressed as Aborigines in full body black make-up and holding a fake spear was originally shared by Victorian woman Sis Austin. Since re-sharing the image on Sunday night Briggs has included several screenshots identifying hateful slander including one individual that labeled him as a “petrol sniffer”.

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