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Travel Back in Time with Portal's "Trapezohedron"

Australia's scariest death metal band unearths a vintage slab of chaos.

by Noisey Staff
08 December 2014, 9:48pm

Photo by Dijana Krv

This one's kind of a no-brainer. Everyone's favorite Australian menace Portal has teamed up with Hate Forest alum Roman Saenko's black metal project, Blood of Kingu, to release a new 7" split via Hells Headbangers. Blood of Kingu's discography is basically a really long, spiritually-inclined Drudkh B-side, and despite featuring several of the band's former members, Blood of Kingu seems free of Hate Forest's right-wing associations. The new track Saenko debuts here is perfectly servicable, but it's clear from the onset that Portal's contribution is the main attraction.

"Trapezohedron" isn't a new song, per se; it's a previously unreleased track that Horror Illogium and the Curator dredged up from way back in 1999, back when they were acting as a duo and years before the band has even released its first proper album. Allegedly recorded on "a crooked four-track device," the song is even more chaotic and unhinged than we've come to expect from these death metal mavericks—which is saying something, given the insane level of technicality and sadistic experimentation found on their most recent album, Vexovoid.

That being said, we've got Portal's side streaming below. Don't say we didn't warn you.

The Portal/Blood of Kingu split 7" is now available from Hells Headbangers.