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Mac DeMarco Is Gorgeous, Talented, and Releasing a Brand Spanking New Mini-Album Called "Another One"

One year after 'Salad Days,' Mac DeMarco's going to release a bittersweet, romantic mini-album.

by Ryan Bassil
22 April 2015, 2:30pm

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.

Mac DeMarco's Salad Days was one of 2014's most rewarding albums. Advancing on the ripped-jeans, hole-in-the-toe-of-your-canvas-shoe sound of his previous record, Salad Days propelled DeMarco into a new league where, especially on stand-out track "Chamber of Reflection," he cemented himself as one of our generation's most adept alternative pop-song writers. His Mom loves him; your girlfriend fancies him; your boyfriend probably does too. He's one of those rare breeds. Beautiful, charming, and seemingly able to stumble out looking like the kid in school who dribbled milk down his shirt and ate his own earwax, to effortlessly strum through album-after-album of perfect songs.

People call Mac DeMarco a slacker—but in the past few years he's released two albums, two EPs, and relentlessly toured the world, sometimes getting his balls out, smoking hella cigarettes, and more often than not, doing anything but sitting on his ass. Now a year after Salad Days first graced our presence, he's continuing the lineage that Steely Dan, Prince, and Lil B started, by releasing (what could be) two classic albums in quick succession. He's just announced the release of a new mini-record, called Another One and uploaded a promo video to YouTube. Take a watch below:

As you can see, Mac DeMarco is in great shape. He's still smoking, in every sense of the word. And most importantly, he's continuing to create songs that sound like they're gonna be as smooth and blessed as a play slide into a Japanese water-lily garden. Don't do what people normally do on the internet and watch 20 seconds, flick to another window, then retreat to social media/eating/jacking-off. Watch the entire thing. Let yourself be treated. Or at least get to the bit where Mac stands atop the "shredders throne," wearing dungarees and noodling his guitar in a way most of us can only dream.

If you want to see this babestation in the flesh, come and catch him on tour at the following dates:

6 June - Manchester, Parklife Festival
7 June - London, Field Day Festival
6 September - Salisbury, End of the Road festival
7 September - Glasgow, ABC
8 September - Bristol, Motion
9 September - London, Roundhouse
10 September - Birmingham, The Institute
12 September - Manchester, Beacons Metro Festival

Another One is eight new songs and releases August 8 on Captured Tracks.