PREMIERE: Paperwhite Cry for Help on Their New Single “On My Own”

Brother-sister duo drop their super synthy new dream pop single.

01 March 2016, 5:54pm

While most of us struggle to even put up with our brothers or sisters, NY-based dream pop duo Paperwhite are raising the bar on #SiblingGoals. Composed of Katie and Ben Marshall, originally hailing from Bucks Country, PA, the 25 and 28-year-olds first caught everyone’s attention with their debut EP, Unstoppable, back in February. However, the two have been collaborating on music since they were kids, with Katie adding vocals and creating melodies for Ben and older brother Sam’s music from an early age.

“We find working together to be fairly easy! Our personalities are very similar, and we have complementary surprisingly, we have very little to fight about,” Katie says of the sibling rapport. “I think because we have different strengths, writing and working together feels really natural. We might not always listen to the same types of music, but our overall taste and aesthetic is similar.”

Premiering below is Paperwhite’s new track “On My Own,” coming from the duo’s forthcoming EP, Escape. A buoyant tribute to vintage pop, the song blends lo-fi synths and subdued yet aggressively paced percussion to create an uplifting synthpop chef-d'oeuvre. According to Katie, the track “comes from a place of longing for contact. When something feels just out of reach, or when we’re not quite sure what we’re looking for, it becomes that much harder to find.” She adds, “When you’re at your lowest point, it’s about pushing through, holding on, extending your hand hoping someone will take it.”

Check out “On My Own,” below and learn more about Paperwhite here.