Put On Your Leather Jackets and Listen to Stars At Night's Punk As Hell "Searching"

Stars At Night are making good, solid punk that sends a message but also gets you hyped as fuck to be hearing it.

by Annalise Domenighini
30 March 2016, 6:29pm

Image via band

Every once in a while, a band comes across your radar and completely fucks you up. Their aesthetic is enviable, their songs pure grit, anger, and punk. Whether they were sent to you by a friend, family member, Twitter follower, or PR label, or you just found them by shuffling through the vast archives of Music On The Internet, you know from the first few riffs that this is a band that you’re going to follow until your death, or their death, whichever comes first.

Today, for me, that band is Stars At Night, a punk band formed in East LA in 2010. This four-piece band makes dirty, energetic music reminiscent of 1970s East LA legends Bags, but with a modern-day edge earned by being a punk band in 2016, when the genre is frequently deemed “dead.”

“Searching,” the song premiered below, is a gorgeous mix of aggressive vocals and pounding riffs. Bring me back to life/I want to have a life now belts vocalist Irene Quiles, pleading with the world to reimagine what success looks like in a female body.

Of “Searching,” Quiles had this to say: “Society in general has a tendency to paint a picture for us of what a successful woman should look like and or be like. This painted picture can sometimes make a woman feel lost and alone as if she doesn't belong or fit in. "Searching" is a woman's journey in soul searching. It's when she finally realizes that she's found her voice and her passion and is ready to share it with her friends and the world.Its when she screams from the top of her lungs "I want to be somebody/ Hear me everybody.."

Irene Quiles, Seleste Diaz, Joana Rubio, and Elizabeth Banuelos have come together to produce something the world is in desperate need of right now: good, solid punk that sends a message but also gets you hyped as fuck to be hearing it. Listen to it below and thank a successful woman in your life today.

"Searching" is off Stars At Night’s upcoming LP, to be released this summer.

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