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Big Up Double S and JME, Who Just Dropped An Explosive New Track “Style & Flow”

“Boy Better Know that there's no better boy than Double S and JME.”

by Daisy Jones
13 June 2016, 10:31am

There’s so much good grime coming out right now that the only way you could possibly keep up with the output is if you didn’t shower, eat, drink, or sleep for all of eternity, and nobody wants that. However, it's at least worth paying attention to the crazy good stuff, which is where “Style & Flow” comes in—the explosive new track from Tottenham MC Double S and pure Boy Better Know royalty JME.

The track itself was produced by The Heavytrackerz, who have made beats for Dizzee Rascal, Stormzy, Wiley, Giggs, and basically every single other artist you think of when you think of the word 'grime.’ Lyrically, Double S is as fiery as ever, his bars tumbling out faster than you have time to process them. “Can you name a better MC? Anybody with a better remedy?” he spits, “Boy Better Know that there's no better boy than Double S and JME.”

Then about 60 seconds in, JME storms in with one of the best lines of all time: “I used to play house and garage in a stolen whip / And now I own all three!” He then continues, “I do this ting properly / Even the boydem can't boy JME / Fifteen years deep so everyone wanna clone my style in the scene / We call them the JME symphony.”

Listen below, out your car window: