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Wow, Let's All Listen to "Iconic," the Madonna Song with Chance the Rapper (Oh and Mike Tyson)

In which a song automatically lives up to its title.

by Kyle Kramer
03 February 2015, 3:36pm

Photo via Chance the Rapper on Instagram

Remember back in 2013 when Chance the Rapper met Madonna? Of course you do. It was iconic. You know what else is iconic? This fucking song. Which is called "Iconic." Which Chance the Rapper fans have been waiting for since that fateful meeting 15 months ago. Which Madonna fans have probably assumed they would get sooner because all those Madonna songs leaked a while ago in December. Which also features Mike Fucking Tyson giving a speech about how he is the best you've ever seen. It wouldn't even matter if the song were good to be honest. But, as it turns out, it's a slap. Madonna sounds more on the pulse of music culture than she has any right to be with a song that's this electronic. She will make you want to shine your light like a beautiful star. Chance the Rapper nails the sing-song rap about the "yellow brick highway" and idol worship and everyone here becomes immortal. Madonna's album Rebel Heart is out March 10. The Social Experiment's album Surf is imminent. Mike Tyson is everywhere. Listen to "Iconic" below:

(via Fake Shore Drive) Kyle Kramer on Twitter.

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