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Introducing Evanda, the Young Voice of the West

The young Perth MC has just dropped a new mix tape of assured flows and beats.

by Noisey Staff
25 March 2015, 3:21am

Young Perth MC Evanda is making waves in the Perth hip hop scene with his casual flow and direct observations. The 17-year-old has already had a track nominated for the West Australian Music awards and his new mix tape OG Gree features RJ Mac, Black Napoleon, Split Figure, Miles Method and Sgt Pain.

Working with producer Luchii, Evanda (born Evander Chong) delivers a mature and assured take on his city.

Though it may be a remote, it’s interesting to see that Perth hip hop is much like hip hop on the East Coast with tracks about weed, making money, and more weed. Evand's track “James Blunt” is not about the UK hack who sung “You’re Beautiful”.

Noisey: What is the Perth hip-hop scene like at the moment?
Evander Chong: The majority of the Perth hip hop scene is very bland/uninteresting at the moment. However me and my crew Home Baked are doing something different with the game that you can hear in this tape

What’s the deal with Luchii? Is he still doing production for you?
I met Luchii through high school. He's been producing for me ever since I started rapping. We recorded the tape in his bedroom- ha!

Where is the Perth spot? Northbridge?
Nah, Fairway is where it’s at! Or Luchii's crib.

What does Gree mean?
Gree started off as a nickname, it's a long story but it sort of turned into an alter ego, for my music especially.

“OG Gree” is available for free download here.