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PREMIERE: Protester Kill Everyone in Sight "One At A Time"

Check out their upcoming EP 'No Identity' out on Triple B records.

by Tony Rettman
19 August 2015, 8:24pm

Protester is the solo project of one Connor Donegan and it was originally cooked up by the husky young lad back in 2013 when he was a resident of North Carolina; he now calls Washington D.C. home. Pretty soon after setting up residence in the nation’s capital, local imprint Trash King released the debut seven song seven inch E.P by Donegan’s Protestor. Ask any rageaholic on the street and they’ll tell you it was one of the most blood boiling Hardcore records to be released last year. Both succinct in its violence and frank in its intent, it certainly fueled yours truly to get through many moments of anger I went through in 2014.

And here we are one year later with Connor supplying us with yet another bite-sized platter of his one-manned wrath. His No Identity seven inch EP will be released through the Triple B label out of Boston in September, but here we have a sneak listen to one of the most brutal songs on the EP, ‘One at a Time’. Sonically reminiscent of NYHC first-stringers The Abused with a lyrical approach on par with something from the likes of Raw Deal, both the track and the entire contents of No Identity raises the bar in regards to Donegan’s focused fury. Only a sap would want no part in No Identity. Are you a sap?

No Identity is available for pre-order from Triple B Records.

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