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Celebrate A$AP Yams by Buying a Book of His Best Tweets

All proceeds will be donated to the family of A$AP Yams.

04 January 2016, 2:47pm

The life of A$AP Yams was filled with the sort of wisdom that had the ability to change lives, and when he passed on January 18 of 2015, many people turned to his Twitter account to search out their favorite Yams moments in the hopes of spreading the word of the New York tastemaker. His humor had the unique ability to be best projected through a 140 character medium, so it's good to see that somebody finally granted the wish of all of us who wanted Yams's knowledge to extend into the physical world. What's better is that all proceeds from this book will go to Yams's family, pre-order the book here for its January 18 publish date.