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FKA Twigs’ Free Dance Class in Baltimore Pushed the Boundaries of How Artists Interact with Their Fans

“Can you see the love and light shining in? Every single soul who danced today was truly beautiful.”

by Daisy Jones
20 July 2016, 9:38am

Here in the rabid depths of 2016—the year when the four horsemen of the apocalypse climbed upon their steeds, as it shall be known in the future—things don't come for free. You work for 40 hours a week, most of your earnings go on rent, food is foraged from the caverns of the reduced aisle, and tampons are still considered luxury items. Sorry to get all Animal Farm on your ass this morning, but money is life, and life is shit.

But wait, it’s not all bad! The sun is still shining upon us. Oh, and last night, all-round creative polymath FKA Twigs decided to host a five-hour dance class for the residents of Baltimore, completely free of charge. She was joined by choreographers Ramon Baynes, Dominic Lawrence and Kash Powell, and, according to the videos she posted on Twitter, it looked like hella fun.

Not only was the free dance class a super nice thing to do, but it’s also another example of how FKA Twigs continues to push the boundaries of art and music. What other musician in modern times can you name that is so actively involved in the creative potential of dance? Who else is breaking down the boundaries between artist and fan in such an intimate and mutually beneficial way?

“Baltimore we did it,” she wrote on Instagram afterwards. “Can you see the love and light shining in? Every single soul who danced today was truly beautiful. Thank you so much to @ramonbaynes @dominic.lawrence and @kashpowell for their incredible choreography and energy today and a huge shout out to @chezzie_b and @kanerflex for sharing their talent with all of us. Baltimore I learnt so much and am so humbled by your talent and soul. I will sleep so well tonight <3”< p="">

See snippets of the dance class below:

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