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The Soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s Favourite Slasher Film Is Finally Getting Released

The ‘My Bloody Valentine’ soundtrack is the perfect musical accompaniment to watching a guy get nail gunned in the head twice.

by Noisey Staff
02 June 2016, 2:01am

Image: Plugged In

Set in a Canadian mining town and featuring some cool face boilings and pickaxe work, the 1981 film My Bloody Valentine is one of the greatest slasher horror flicks of all time. But it could have been better. The prudes at the MPAA infamously cut 9 minutes of the original due to amount of violence, gore and nail guns to the head.

Still, over the years the film, that director Quentin Tarantino praises as his favorite slasher movie of all time, has garnered a cult following that helped spark a major-studio remake in 2009.

Thankfully the MPAA squares didn’t touch the soundtrack. Composed by Paul Zaza (Prom Night, Porkys) the soundtrack is a mix of both minimal synth and orchestral compositions intertwined with bluegrass and country. One track is called “Pickaxe Impalement Suite” and listening to it in your living room you can almost feel the snug fit of a mining helmet.

Waxwork Records is set to release new double LP release of the soundtrack with liner notes from both Zaza and the film director George Mihalka. Taken from the master tapes this release marks the very first time the score to the 1981 slasher-horror classic has been released in any format.

The soundtrack is available now from Waxwork Records.