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Watch Taylor Swift & Mick Jagger Perform "Satisfaction" Live in Nashville

Rock and pop royalty unite.

by Noisey Staff
27 September 2015, 4:55pm

Taylor Swift's unstoppable 1989 World Tour continues to barrel around the world like a glitter-specked avalanche, rolling in whatever pop titans and members of the cast of Friends Ms. Swift sees fit to bring to the stage night after night. Last night's stop was Nashville, and with Taylor's roots in the community there, you'd figure she'd come through with a local as a special guest and revisit a little of that early career country pop luster. Nope. Mick Jagger. A word to the wise: Don't bring Mick Jagger onto your stage unless you intend to get outmaneuvered on it. Watch rock and pop royalty unite for a cover of the Rolling Stones classic "Satisfaction" below.