#Chance3 Is Here: Listen to Chance the Rapper's New Project 'Coloring Book' Right Now

13 May 2016, 1:47am

Hello, friends. We're glad you're here with us. Here, on this beautiful website, where we will listen to the long-awaited third solo project from Chicago's finest Chance the Rapper. After he performed "Blessings" on late night television last week, and then released a new song with 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne called "No Problem," and then another song with Mick Jenkins and Alex Wiley called "Grown Ass Kid" appeared on the internet, we've spent a lot of time thinking about Chance, and how goddamn excited we are for the project (earlier today, we predicted it would sound the like greatest hits of the Bible). Now, it's finally here. So we're just going to stop typing right now and listen the shit out of some new Chance the Rapper. We hope you do the same.

Listen to Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book right now on Apple Music or over at his website ChanceRaps.com.