PREMIERE: Hail Disharmony with Black Shape of Nexus's "Facepunch Transport Layer"

Stream the first offering from the German doom collective's upcoming new LP, 'Carrier.'

27 January 2016, 4:57pm

Photo by Bernhard Hoell

Sure, it's always nice to see bands getting along, but as history has made clear, disharmony can foster great art. Think of all the bands who hated each other—Fleetwood Mac, Oasis, Guns'n'Roses, Metallica, apparently anyone who's ever played in a band with Glen Benton—and then think of their best albums. I'm not saying that the new joint from Black Shape of Nexus is necessarily on par with Rumors (though I think it could be a contender!), but the kind of jarring, sludgy, atmospheric doom that these Germans have wrung from their miserable souls is definitely worth a listen.

As vocalist Malte Seidel commented, “Carrier is the result of a band being in a constant state of deterioration. Doing a record is a very unpleasant and harmful process for us. Creating Negative Black already was a nightmare, but with Carrier the understanding of the term 'nightmare' needs to be expanded. This is not being said to play the ‘tension and dissent create great art’ card. This album is not art. This album is not musicianship. This album is simply the album that we were able to do under the current circumstances while sometimes asking ourselves if a split-up would not be the better option.”

Check out the first taste of Carrier below with the shuddering stomp of "Facepunch Transport Layer," and look for the album itself from Exile On Mainstream on March 18, 2016 (or just preorder it now).