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Cam'ron feat. 2 Chainz - "Snapped"

A highlight from 'Ghetto Heaven' assumes its full form.

by Drew Millard
18 September 2014, 2:15pm

When Cam'ron released his funny, beyond excellent Ghetto Heaven, Vol. 1 mixtape nearly a year ago, one of the tape's mysteries was why "Snapped," cut off two bars into 2 Chainz's verse. Tity 2 Necklace was easily the highest-profile guest on the tape, and I figured Cam dismissing him so quickly was simply Killa being Killa, who does what he wants without giving one iota of a fuck. But "Snapped" has returned! And it is now a full song! As he's gotten older Cam has fully settled into the role of hip-hop's Larry David, pointing out inanities in every day life and slowly warping the normal to the absurd. Here, his ex-girl eggs him and writes on his garage door with lipstick, only to realize that it's his fault, before casually admitting to watching the Oxygen Network. "Snapped" is attached to First of the Month, Vol. 4, which is dropping sooner than you think.