Music Video Premieres

Evanda – “Gree”

The young Perth MC returns with a new video from his mix tape.

by Noisey Staff
30 March 2015, 4:57am

Last week we introduced Evanda, a young Perth MC who had just dropped his debut mix tape OG Gree. Today he sent though a video for “Gree”, one of the tracks from the tape. Featuring his buddy from the Home Baked crew Psychosowdy, the video features the type of young activities bored kids do in Melbourne, Chicago and Perth. That is, hang out and goof about on the street and in convenience stores.

Above some pretty minimal and basic production Evanda and Psychosowdy, spit about coming to get you so you better stay inside and not "leave the house."

While we question the availability and access to berrettas in Perth (and just how far that one bottle of Jameson is going to last among ten kids), there’s no denying that the track and the mix tape is pretty tight.

“OG Gree” is available for free download here.