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Listen to Andrew Bird's New Tune "Roma Fade"

Check out the new cut before his upcoming record 'Are You Serious' comes out April 1.

by John Hill
11 March 2016, 1:06pm

Photo via Andrew Bird

While Andrew Bird is a machine of variable music releases, putting out something new almost every year, we haven't gotten a full-fledged record from him since 2012's Hands Of Glory. But since he announced on Conan that he'd be releasing a new record titled Are You Serious, we've been nothning short of excited. Today, the king of loop-rock dropped his new song from "Roma Fade." The track intricately weaves between rock guitar sections, and classical sounding strings, all coming together to create a track both light and enjoyable.

According to Pitchfork, Bird said the following about the track:

'Roma Fade' is about the wordless dialogue between the watcher and the watched and the fine line between romance and creepiness. In this song, "she" is a fortress of solitude, yet the observer can still affect her with his gaze. Whether the attention is welcome or not, something between them has changed. Notice how the song shifts from third person to first person near the end and it's actually the observer who has transformed.