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PREMIERE: Frightened Rabbit Perform in a Deserted Military Hospital in “Woke Up Hurting”

For their new video, the Scottish five-piece pump rich, textural swathes of sound through the cold, grand walls of a dead space.

by Daisy Jones
04 April 2016, 11:50am

It’s hard to describe the unique feeling you get from being inside a building that has long been abandoned. From the peeling wallpaper and crumbling staircases, to the creeping invasion of plants and dust, being inside the decaying walls of a deserted space can feel like glimpsing a window between the chaos of life and the stillness of death.

In Frightened Rabbit’s latest video for “Woke Up Hurting”, the Scottish five-piece perfectly embody this feeling by pumping rich, textural swathes of sound through the cold, grand walls of an abandoned German military hospital on the outskirts of Berlin. “In the night I woke up hurting, the tarmac to my side, I woke up with dirty knees, not for the first time,” belts singer Scott Hutchison, while light beams through tall, grimy windows onto the decomposing floors.

The track and video come ahead of their fifth studio album Painting of a Panic Attack, which will be released 8th April.

Watch below:

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