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Arcade Fire 'Funeral' 10th Anniversary Retrospectives and Thinkpieces, Ranked

'Funeral' turned ten, and the internet decided you should read their feelings on it.

by Zach Schonfeld
16 September 2014, 4:40pm

Two short weeks ago, a Google search for “funeral turns ten” turned up zero results. Now it turns up many (okay: more than a hundred). It’s true—an album anniversary (albummiversary), maybe the biggest one this internet has known, has swept the music blogosphere and left a smoldering pile of wreckage in its Montréal-accented wake. Here, I survey the damage and rank the internet's attempts to parse Arcade Fire's Funeral turning ten, from best to worst.

MySpace: Grieving and the Beauty of Arcade Fire’s Funeral
Stereogum: Funeral Turns Ten
CLASH: Spotlight Special: Ten Years of Arcade Fire’s Funeral
Wondering Sound: The Neighborhood Wakes: A Graphic Novel Inspired by Arcade Fire’s Funeral
Pitchfork: Arcade Fire’s Funeral and the Legacy of the “WHOA-OA”
Billboard: Funeral Turns 10: The Untold Story of Arcade Fire’s Album Art & Brooklyn Mural
Consequence of Sound: Children, Wake Up: Arcade Fire’s Funeral at 10
Billboard (Again): Arcade Fire’s Funeral Turns 10: Classic Track-by-Track Album Review
Music Times: Arcade Fire’s Funeral: 10 Songs Ranked for Its 10th Anniversary
The Telegraph: Arcade Fire: Why They Are Still the Best
Gigwise: Arcade Fire’s Funeral Turns 10 - All of The Tracks Ranked
Harvard Political Review: 10 Years of Funeral
MusicVita: 10 Year Anniversary: Arcade Fire—Funeral
Pigeons and Planes: The Story of a Sad Boy: Looking Back at Arcade Fire’s Funeral 10 Years After Its Release
Esquire: How Arcade Fire Gave Us the Defining Haircut of the Decade
Riverfront Times: Celebrating an Album’s Anniversary Is Pointless
The New York Times: Krugman: The Macroeconomics of Digging Tunnels
Elite Daily: This One Imagine Dragons Soundalike Band’s Debut Album Is Literally Everything
Ottawa Herald: How Funeral Secretly Invented the Handclap
Thought Catalog: My Parents Played Funeral For Me When I Was an Infant and Now I’m a Really Precocious 10-Year-Old Who Eats A Lot of Nutella
Vox Dot Com: Those French Lyrics in “Haiti,” Explained by Google Translate
Vulture: An Oral History of the Accordion Thingy at the Beginning of “Neighborhood #2 (Laika)”
Salon: ‘We Can Live Our Misbehavior’: On Arcade Fire’s Funeral, #CancelColbert, and the Rise of the Post Millennial Snackwave Milieu
VICE: Arcade Fire’s Funeral Turned Ten, So We Drilled a Hole in It and Fucked It

Zach Schonfeld actually prefers the front seat. He’s on Twitter - @zzzzaaaacccchhh