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The Game Offered Kanye $10 Million to Go On a Skydiving Bro Date in Dubai

"I'll pay for the flight."

by Noisey Staff
18 February 2016, 12:12pm

You know that friend you have who is not really a friend? You went to school together, but in the five years that have passed, you've grown apart. You like very different things now. But he's not changed, and he wants to hang out. He desperately wants to hang out. All the time.

Now and again, he resorts to making grand plans with a view to ensnaring you. "I've got two tickets for Grimes at Terminal 5," he's saying over text. "Wanna grab a drink tonight?" He's resorted to WhatsApp now so he can tell you've read it. "Bro?" Your Google chat pops up while you're at work. It's him. He's just sent you a photo of two pitchers on a bar somewhere. You look up from your laptop – he's at the window. His faced is pressed against the window and he is pointing at his phone.

We all have that person in our lives, don't we? And it seems Kanye West does too, because in a desperate bid to make Yeezy hang out with him, The Game has offered up $10 million just to make him come skydiving in Dubai.

No response yet from Kanye, so here he comes again, with the follow up.

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