ENO x DIRTY Will Sell You A Bag, Rob You For It, Then Sell It Again

The Auckland hip hop duo come at you with a scowl and a gritty sound that is both familiar and unique.

by Noisey Staff
10 July 2015, 5:12am

Fresh on the Auckland scene, ENO x DIRTY come at you with a scowl and a gritty hip-hop sound that is both familiar and unique.

You could say it’s a revivalism, but one that’s done right.

The genesis of many of the tracks on their new EP, Easter Eggs & Good Sportsmanship, began in a house on the corner of Kingsland Ave in the Grey Lynn area of Auckland. Located opposite a convenience store well stocked with rolling papers and refreshments, you could say it was the perfect spot for late night writing sessions.

The EP starts with some more obvious street tracks that reference that tried and true hip trope of selling drugs and committing crimes. But as the record develops so do the dusty, older samples and the romantic DIRTY, starts to walk through some anecdotes of his elationships past.

You can listen to the EP below, and read a few nervous questions we asked Dirty on the streets of Grey Lynn.

Noisey: Your name is ENO x DIRTY. How dirty are you, really?
Dirty: About as dirty as Brian Tamiki's internet search history.

There’s a lot of pop culture references in the tracks including the Marshawn Lynch "thanks for asking" sample. What does that say to you?
That sample is a prime example of good sportsmanship. That's what we are about. We are team humble.

A lot of your music is about committing crime and dealing drugs. Has your Mum heard the lyrics?
Haha! My Mum and Dad are cool as fuck. I used to get in a bit of trouble back in the days, but was always quite honest with them about most of the shit I used to get up to. In terms of lyrics, honestly, I don't think my mum knows what the fuck I'm even saying when I rap, and I haven't really broken any of the verses down for her, she just nods to beats and says, "ooh, I like this one". But regardless of what I say on a record, they know I'm caring, loving and family orientated person who would still knock a motherfucker out of his tan Crocs if I have to.

'Easter Eggs & Good Sportsmanship' is available July 12 through the ENO X DIRTY Bandcamp page.

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