PREMIERE: Brick + Mortar - "Dark Skies"

Director Russell Roe weaves footage he shot during superstorm Sandy with a storyline of personal destruction and epiphany.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
09 October 2015, 1:52pm

Damn, shit gets bleak in this cinematic new video for "Dark Skies" by New Jersey's Brick + Mortar. Director Russell Roe describes it thusly: "On the eve of a superstorm, a Jersey Shore socialite spends the last of his cash on a new synthetic drug simply named sand. At a local costume party, he sells his product to a throng of masked clientele, who eat it up as wildly as they ignore the ominous weather reports. As the storm makes landfall, the young man is forced to confront two destructions: the one he's personally caused, and the one he's been made to witness."

Thing is, some of the footage woven into this video is stuff Roe shot himself during superstorm Sandy, which makes this music video an all the more gripping watch. "The whole experience was very surreal," explains Roe. "It really was almost felt like a movie, from hearing the helicopter every morning, to seeing your grade school under five feet of water and walking up to your local surf break and seeing a roller coaster submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. I also wanted to address the media and their constant live stream of public panic fueled weather newsfeed. Hurricane content really seems to be as much as a drug to the American public as other atrocities the news seems to exclusively cover now a days."

Sonically "Dark Skies" is as squally as the superstorm—crunchy riffs, hard hitting beats, the the doomy "Born to lose" refrain delivered like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Catch B+M now on tour.

Brick + Mortar Tour Dates

10/10 Gas Monkey-Dallas, TX

10/12 The Rebel Lounge-Phoenix, AZ


10/14 The Roxy-Los Angeles, CA*

10/15 Social Hall-San Francisco, CA*

10/17 The Black Sheep- Colorado Springs, CO

10/18 The Bottleneck-Lawrence, KS*

10/19 Schubas-Chicago, IL*

10/20 The Basement-Columbus, OH*

10/22 The High Watt-Nashville, TN*

10/23 Vinyl-Atlanta, GA*

10/26 Milkboy-Philadelphia, PA*

10/27 The Sinclair-Cambridge, MA*

10/30 Le Petit Campus-Montreal, QC*

10/31 Adelaide Hall-Toronto, ON*

*Supporting Jeremy Loops