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The New Dune Rats Video Is Bullshit Good

The video for the first single from the band’s second album features beer, middle fingers, partying and a bong skating a half pipe.

by Tim Scott
10 May 2016, 12:10am

Image: Nick Parkinson

Last year I spent a week in a van touring the American Mid West with Dune Rats. The trip included many highway miles, drinking our body weight in cheap beer and pranks. Plenty of pranks.

So it’s with a certain authority when I say that there’s nothing bullshit about the band's new video “Bullshit” and that the Brisbane three-piece actually live a life that involves ‘shoeys’, good times, tattoos, loud music, and partying with their mates.

Filmed at a backyard party in Byron Bay, the video has some rather Corey Worthington-type moments including bombs into pools, motorcyle stacks and someone dressed as a bong skating a half pipe.

"We just wanted to throw a sick backyard party, get all of our Byron mates there and roll the camera of us doing some funny stupid shit and see what'd happen. We're pretty stoked!” explains drummer BC.

The song originated in the same van I shared with the band as they toured the US with California's FIDLAR. Zac Carper of FIDLAR helped write the song also recorded the band's second album which is due later this year on the band's Ratbag records.

"We wrote this tune in the back of a shitty RV with Zac from FIDLAR as we toured America for two months with them,” explains guitarist Danny Beausa.

“At the time, he thought it was funny we kept saying stuff was 'bullshit good' so we wrote a tune about it."

Watch the video below and catch the band as they head out on a national tour with Violent Soho and DZ Deathrays.

‘Bullshit’ is available now through Ratbag Records.

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