Rip Your Throat Out with Sacrilege's Remastered Version of "Lifeline"

Their impactful and remastered record 'Behind The Realms of Madness' coming out November 13.
15 September 2015, 5:06pm

Sacrilege is a crust/thrash landmark band from Birmingham, United Kingdom. We're premiering the remastered version of the song "Lifeline" from the band's 1985 release Behind The Realms of Madness. In the vein of groups like Bolt Thrower or Axegrinder, the track is an unadulterated four minute course in what you can expect from one of the genre's best acts. The song is fierce and in your face, laying the roots for what would come in thrash metal, hardcore and every other genre to come in the following years. The record sounds better than ever thanks to Relapse Records putting out the remaster, meaning each riff or flourish sounds more crushing now than it ever did before. But remastering doesn't mean it sounds nice and clean, the song is just as sharp and pointed as its always been intended.

Listen to "Lifeline," and pre-order the Behind The Realms of Madness's re release right here from Relapse Records.