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Exclusive Premiere: Ricky Hil's "SYLDD" Album

Yes he's Tommy Hilfiger's son, and no he doesn't give a fuck.

05 February 2013, 3:20pm

Ricky Hil, the tattooed, rebel son of fashion mogul Tommy Hillfiger, is dropping his debut album SYLDD exclusively on Noisey.

The album is less of a public service announcement than its title might imply. Yes, Ricky is unapologetic about his drug use for most of the album, but there are also moments of self-reflection and critique of the rampant prescription drug use in America. SYLDD feels more like if Future or syrup-era Lil Wayne were moonlighting as singer/songwriters over some envelope-pushing beats from the likes of Illangelo, Blended Babies and Ricky Hil himself.

Perhaps a more accurate description of Ricky Hil would be to compare him to the similarly drug-and-sex-oriented R&B phenom The Weeknd, who makes an appearance on SYLDD on the standout “Nomads.” Ricky twists and mangles his raspy voice over every snare and hi-hat, taking his flow to gloriously counterintuitive places, a reflection of the darkness he's trying to communicate to the listener.

Because Ricky Hil doesn’t give a fuck about his label and wanted to get the album to his fans on the day he promised it would come out, and because we at Noisey love music and drugs and music about drugs, we’re giving you Rich Hil’s debut album SYLDD for free. Stream the record below, and download it here.


1. Slickviile
2. I Can't Stand
3. Nomads f/ The Weeknd
4. The Right Time
5. Sarah's Song
6. The Professional
7. Xanax Bars
8. Beautiful When You're Sad
9. Understand Me f/ Bonic
10. Fix Me f/ Leona Lewis
11. M.O.M. f/ Fat Trel