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Cable's Video for "In The End" Is MS-Dawesome

Boy-girl duo (plus an animated Dev Hynes) end up in a 32-bit Street Fighter game (kinda) set all over NYC and BK.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
18 August 2014, 2:30pm

Here are some things you should know about NYC duo Cable: Tracy Antonopoulos and Ben Morsberger are both filmmakers as well as musicians, they love One Direction, sometimes Tracy models, and Dev Hynes has been known to throw his production two cents in the mix. The pair create langurously sexy songs that combine new wave-filtered sweetness and a fuzzed up power-pop sensibility.

To date they've eked out just three tracks, but "In The End" is the finest yet—a song Tracy dedicates to all the heartbreakers—"Thanks for the inspiration!" Meanwhile the video, premiering above, is part Second Life-meets-MS-DOS-meets-Street Fighter-meets-Daria and includes an animated Mr. Hynes lifting (very small) weights on top of a jet. As you do. (Artist Lucien Smith also makes a little cartoon cameo).

Morsberger had this to say about the pop promo: "This video was truly a family affair. Director Daniel Algarin and I went to high school—we were best friends and rivals—always pushing each other to make the best art we could make. My little brother and members of my high school band Gelatinous Cube are some of the characters hanging in this 32-bit NYC. It felt great taking all these vibes I grew up with and honoring them with this video."

Algarin expanded: "I wanted to make a minimalist performance video that captured Cable's natural chemistry—and then retrofit Ben and Tracy into a stylized world. About a year ago I saw a post on Reddit about the subtle beauty of backgrounds in fighting games. The Street Fighter theme seemed to perfectly match the aesthetics of the band as well as the playfulness of the track.

Below is the single artwork which sees the duo reimagined by acclaimed cartoonist Bryan Lee O'Malley: the man responsible for Scott Pilgrim. Cool.

Download "In The End" for free!

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