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Important Questions Raised by Waka Flocka Flame and Good Charlotte's New Video for "Game On"

This video is uh... something.
08 July 2015, 4:12pm

It’s 2015 and Hollywood has lost its fucking mind. On July 24, a PG-13 action-comedy called Pixels will be released nationwide. Under the premise that intergalactic CGI aliens are attacking Earth using classic arcade games as their vehicles for a planetwide holocaust, Sony decided to bring in Billy Madison, Paul Blart, the snowman from Frozen and a Game of Thrones character to save the world.

The notion of this film, its rating and target demographic can all rightfully make your head spin. To add to the confusion, the official video for the movie’s theme song dropped yesterday. Members of Good Charlotte and Waka Flocka Flame are spliced between clips of Kevin James and Adam Sandler engaging in battle against the likes of Donkey Kong and Space Invaders.

We don’t know what the hell is going on, who said this was okay or how many channels of approval this slid through. What we do know, is that we have some serious questions. Only god may have the answers.

Do Waka’s signature gunshot adlibs actually reflect those of the magical laser gun that Adam Sandler is running around shooting at Pacman things with?

In what horrible hell-world should Kevin James and Waka Flocka ever be in the same video?

Is Flocka blasting up to internet heaven? Is that a look of fear in his eyes? Acceptance?

If this track is featuring Good Charlotte as a band rather than the Madden brothers, where are the those other happy lookin’ fellas?

Who directed this video? How do you think they instructed him? “Mr. Flame, now we’re going to need to you flail your arms and pretend a frog is going to jump across your room of cube pixel things!”

What's really outside of that school bus?

Why did they decide that a portion of this shoot should be shirtless? Was the director of the video trying to cash in on the very important #dadbod movement?

How would the rest of Brick Squad Monopoly feel about this? Are The Madden Brothers now affiliates?

Is this trio the next Nirvana?

When's the last time Adam Sandler gave a shit about things his face appeared in? Is he even aware of this video's existance?

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