In Memoriam

Fade Away: Saying Goodbye to Soulja Boy's Face Tattoos

In which Soulja Boy becomes a Soulja Man.

by Slava Pastuk
18 December 2015, 3:51pm

Photo via Instagram

Is there anything more braggadocious in life than getting not just a face tattoo but a bad face tattoo? Every time Birdman gets another abstract object on his head, I can almost hear that money counter sounding off for another billion. When Soulja Boy first took hold of the rap population's interest as both a lovable teen and/or the person who ruined music, he did what any teenager with money would do and got his favorite brand tattooed on his third eye. But now we say goodbye to the end of an era, as Soulja Boy becomes a Soulja Man and accepts his responsibility, clearing away his face tattoos. In the video below, we watch the process of Mr. Way getting the trademark Gucci symbol wiped from his forehead with the aid of a removal gun that sounds like it's about to be sampled into the hottest beat of 2016. Likely by Soulja Boy.

In typical Soulja Boy fashion, he's already finessing his new life moment by mashing it up with DJ Khaled's tried and tested methodology:

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