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Thanks to This UK Rapper 'The Life of Pablo' Is Finally On iTunes, Kind Of

'TLOP' as interpreted by a British rapper/gamer/internet guy.

by Byron Yan
17 March 2016, 1:30pm

Photo via YouTube

Ladies and gentlemen, ask and you shall receive. Yeezus has listened! The Life of Pablo is finally on Apple Music, sorta. Thanks to British rapper, who's not Skepta, Dan Bull. Who the hell is guy you may ask? Well upon further investigation, we found out that he's an internet rapper, gamer, and songwriter which in his defense sounds like Kanye. He's also been on the highly successful, incredibly not funny YouTube series Epic Rap Battles of History.

So does he cover the album? Well, no. He kind of just says the title of each song for 50 seconds repeatedly and freestyles whatever comes off the top of his head. But this isn't the first time he's covered monumental albums. In 2015, he remaked Nas' highly influential Illmatic into the highly tasteful Bullmatic. Dan also has 11 studio albums which include a five—yes fivesong series called Generation Gaming about various video games, pop culture, and news. He even does a whole rap in Simlish.

Well at least he actually raps on these albums. In his version of TLOP, he kind of just yells the title of the song a couple of times and freestyles absolutely anything that can come to his head. Unsurprisingly, our favorite is probably his take on "Wolves" that includes such riveting lines as "Wolves, they're like dogs, but a bit different cause they're wild/And instead of barking they say OUUUU" and proceeds to howl. Or "Waves" where we assume he's just makes the sound of waves crashing for like 50 seconds.

A part of us thinks that this is really just a performance piece about the whole roll out of the album. Maybe this is commentary about the nature of Kanye's whole attitude towards it. No, wait, yes! This album is definitely an exaggeration of how incomplete and pieced together TLOP is. Maybe Dan Bull is smarter than all of us. It should be noted that his website is and it sounds like Istanbul, which we find way funnier than any of his albums.

Byron Yan thinks this is a social commentary on the current state of hip-hop. Follow him on Twitter.

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