Holy Shit

Here's That Spoon Cover of The Cramps You've Been Waiting For

You've probably seen Spoon on your TV set.

by Noisey Staff
19 May 2015, 2:12pm

Remember how you were saying to yourself earlier today "man, y'know I just really love The Cramps," and later that day you said to yourself "it's been a while since one of my favorite modern indie bands put out a really good cover of a song from the 70s" but you weren't able to connect the two thoughts together? Well, wow, what a stroke of luck that you would have those two completely unrelated thoughts today, because Spoon has done it for you with their cover of The Cramps' song "TV Set." Covering The Cramps is a very hard thing to pull off correctly. The band covers so many genres with such ease, and has really laid the groundwork for punk and garage rock music today. It's a style that sounds pretty simple when you hear it, but their ability at making incredibly catchy songs is a talent not many bands in their time or now have been able to do. Which is why it's very admirable Spoon have managed to make a faithful cover that does a great tribute to the legends.