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Float Through The Astral Plane With Thigh Master On Their ‘Company’ Video

Is there a collective noun for indie band front men?

by Noisey Staff
22 June 2016, 10:52pm

Brisbane's Thigh Master have a new lineup and a new LP due in October and to celebrate they just sent us through the video for “Company”, one of the tracks from the LP.

Teaming up again with video maker Helena Papageorgiou, who was involved in the “Head of the Witch” video that we described as “a scrappy National Geographic/Scientific American cut-and-paste like DIY collage”, the new video has Thigh Master frontman Matthew Ford floating through a comic wonderland and wandering astral planes.

Released on new Brisbane label Coolin' By Sound, the upcoming album was recorded by and mixed by Blank Realm’s Luke Walsh and features 13 tracks performed by the band’s original lineup that included members of local acts Black Vacation, Dag and Scrabbled.

Check the video below and read some words from Matthew.

Noisey: You feature quite prominently in the video. What is the collective noun for a group of Matthew Fords?
Matthew Ford: I’d call it a 'Panic Attack'. That's what I've had each time I've viewed this clip.

Helena has made some great videos. What do you like about her style?
Everything. It's been awesome to see the progression of her style especially from the first Thigh Master clip. All of the collaging motion graphics, parallaxes etc. she's really honed her own. It’s pretty cool to see all of the silly stuff we do over the green screen on top of all these astronomical and sporadic sites. Those portals have taken things to the next level too. She's the best to work with, dunno if I'd do a TM clip with anyone else to be honest.

What's the deal with Coolin By Sound? Why is the album coming out with them rather than your own label Tenth Court?
Coolin' By Sound is run by two legends Steve Bell and Michelle Padovan, and this album will be their first release. I guess I wanted to detatch myself from trying to push my own work and give myself more time/room to focus on the writing and recording aspects of the band. Also thought it'd help me to invest more time into the bands on my own label; Wireheads, Chook Race, Mope City etc. I am going to do a special edition of this LP that includes a few more bits and pieces to include the band's history etc. Seeing as it's kind of farewell to the original line-up and a documentation of our earlier material.

'Early Times' is available October through Coolin' By Sound (AUS/NZ) & Bruit Direct Disques (EU/USA).

Catch Thigh Master at these shows:
June 24 - Gold Coast at Southport Sharks
July 21 - Brisbane at The Foundry
July 29 - Melbourne at The Tote
July 30 - Melbourne at The Grace Darling Hotel

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