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Listen to Smash Mouth Cover 'Under Pressure' In Memory of David Bowie


by Annalise Domenighini
12 January 2016, 3:03pm

After hearing the news of David Bowie's passing, artists of all kinds, from all over the world, took to social media to mourn the loss of one of the greatest artists of our time.

But Smash Mouth, not ones to simply post a photo with the #RIPDavidBowie hashtag and call it a day, did something more. They went above and beyond what the world wanted from them. They covered "Under Pressure."

The infamous song that launched a thousand covers and probably tens of thousands of sexual awakenings showed up early last night on Sound Management Music's recent SoundCloud account, and boy are we glad it did. Smash Mouth keep it simple and don't expand too much on the already perfect melody, but add a dash of their world famous ska rock sound to taste, as if Guy Fieri himself sat behind the sound board as they recorded the song.

Listen for yourself and when you find yourself air-guitaring your head off, remember that David Bowie died for this.

Update: This morning, after meeting with my doctor who informed me that I do indeed have seasonal affectiveness disorder and because of this upped my dose of Zoloft, I was informed via twitter by a very nice man that this cover was actually released ten years ago. How, I wonder, did I and the rest of media miss that? I frequently listen to Smash Mouth, and I have never heard their cover before. When did I become a casual fan of such a great band, especially while their cookbook sits on my shelf?

The answer, readers, is simple. Sometime in what I can only guess was 2005, Smash Mouth was asked to score the soundtrack to another movie, one that didn't feature an ogre but that did feature a large man who likes to grunt. This movie was Zoom, an 83-minute family friendly action adventure movie that came out in 2006, starring none other than your favorite home improvement guru, Tim Allen.

One very special song on the soundtrack for this incredible film—which was given a 4.2/10 stars on and a whopping 3 percent on Rotten Tomatoes—was none other than this beautiful cover of Under Pressure.

So, readers, I'm sorry to have misled you. David Bowie did not die for this cover, but he did die for it to be remembered. And maybe, just maybe, that's a little better.

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