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PREMIERE: Bodega Bamz's Unstoppable Offensive Begins with His "All Eyez Off Me" Video

Get ready for the first of Bamz's three-part mixtape series, 'All Eyez Off Me,' coming June 1.

by Kyle Kramer
27 May 2016, 3:26pm

Stills via YouTube

"Yeah, back up on that park bench, yeah," Bodega Bamz snarls, stopping abruptly. It's been a minute since you've heard from Bamz, and what a way to return to him. The sharp-tongued New York rapper can dazzle with lyrical pyrotechnics when he needs to, but the beauty of "All EyeZ Off Me," the title single for his upcoming project, is that it stuns with simplicity. This is one of the toughest and most innovative flows you've heard all year, and he does it all over a sinister-sounding beat by A$AP producer P. On The Boards without breaking a sweat. Bamz turns on a dime with each line, making a case for himself as the calmest dude on the island of Manhattan.

In the video, directed by Salvatore Rubino of Reel Culture Media, he rolls past City Hall in a sick vintage Caddy, and it looks cool as fuck. Bamz's close friend A$AP Yams, who he invokes on the track ("real shit / he was younger / I would listen / like he's dad") would be proud of the style.

Bodega Bamz's new tape, All Eyez Off Me Part 1, the first of a three-part series this year, is out June 1. Find the tracklist below.

When asked if he had any comment about the video, Bamz responded, "I HAD TO BURY MYSELF TO LIVE AGAIN," which is probably the hardest thing anyone has ever told me about a music video. Good luck watching this one. It might be too real.

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