Taylor Gunz Isn’t Losing Her Mind She’s Just an Escort Now

If there is some kind of sex involved, Taylor Gunz is well known for it in escalating degrees: nudie mags, stripping, hosting, dildo shows, pissing on guys she does it all. When I get in touch with her she’s in Perth for the week. “I have a client...

Somehow I’m friends with a girl called Taylor Gunz on Facebook (I creepily added her one time and she accepted me, along with hundreds of other nerds.) She’s cool to look at, kind of like a pretty girl angel of death vibe, except instead of a scythe, she weilds sloppy, expert blowjobs. If there is some kind of sex involved, Taylor is well known for it in escalating degrees: nudie mags, stripping, hosting, dildo shows, pissing on guys, she does it all. Her social media doubles as a loudspeaker confessional of group sex, drug overuse, and inarticulate men vying for her attention. Lately she inked her face with half of a Chelsea grin and started working as a high-class escort. I wondered if she was maybe losing her mind. When I get in touch with her she’s in Perth for the week. “I have a client waiting downstairs, believe it or not,” she says. “I’m working.”

VICE: When did you decide you wanted sex to be your job?
Taylor Gunz: I’ve always idolised and loved Pamela Anderson. I wanted that image, that look so I went for it. I love the stage and I love the attention. I saw my first stripper and I thought, I can do that. I was good at it.

At the moment you’re working as an escort. I saw your escort page, it’s really explicit with the kinds of things you do.
Yeah, it is. I got a bit of a shock when I saw it. But people like to know a little more about it, and what they’re getting. It’s not like one of those trips you pay for and they don’t tell you where you’re going until the last minute.

That would suck. Is all your work centred on sex?
Everything. I’m even looking into DJing topless. I’m open to sex, I enjoy it and I’m not shy. Sex is not a bad thing.

How did you get into escorting? I know you’d been a stripper but how do you go from that to pissing on a guy for an extra $100?
I haven’t done that yet − it’ll be interesting when I do. I wanted to do something different. I can’t sit in one job too long. I think that’s why I went into the entertainment industry. You couldn’t put me in an office, I get too bored, and I needed change. When I leave stripping for a while and no one’s seen me I come back after a few months and there’s a wow factor – for me and for them. It’s exciting for them because they’re not sick of me, and it’s exciting for me because I’m excited to be on stage.

How many clients do you have?
I don’t know, I’d say 100, easily.

Is it ever confronting?
It’s actually not bad at all. I would consider stripping way more full on. Imagine being in a private room and you’ve got four boys in front of you, all drunk and trying to prove themselves to each other. When a man comes into the room you kind of bond one-on-one. You get to speak and understand each other a little bit. Then naturally, it goes to the bedroom. It’s not like, “Okay now you can turn around.”

What kinds of men do you meet?
You get all sorts of men. Some are good and some are not, and some are big and some are small, some are older. I’m okay with it and I enjoy it. I really do. I couldn’t give a fuck what anybody says. Straight up, it’s fun.

Surely not all the guys are fun?
If they’re not, I don’t let them stay. I tell them, “You’re going to make my time hard? Then I’m going to make your time really hard.”

Do they ever ask for anything you’re not willing to do?
Yeah, but they don’t ask me face to face. I had a client try to make a specific booking with me, and it wasn’t my thing at all. I just said, “I don’t do that,” and that was it. They’re pretty good like that. No one’s forceful, no one’s ever hurt me. They’re very gentle people.

What did he want?
He pretty much wanted me to go the toilet on him. It’s not my thing so I couldn’t see it happening. It makes you wonder though, how bored are they really?

Speaking of boredom, you offer a strap-on service too, is that right?
I do but it’s not popular. Not like fingers in the ass, they like that kind of thing. At the end of the day, it’s up to the individual, a lot of men want to open up. They actually really enjoy it.

I read an online review of a very satisfied customer of yours. He raved about your blowjob skills are they the most common request?
It all depends on the individual and what they want. They might not feel comfortable with a certain a girl, or the girls might not look like what they describes themselves as, or their photo.

Speaking of appearances, you have a pretty noticeable face tattoo.
I was just seeing how far I could really push it. And really, on Facebook, that was big. It kept popping up for weeks. My subscribers went up by 1,500, easy, within six hours

It’s pretty drastic, and seems like a strange choice in an industry that I assume is somewhat focused on appearance.
In the first photo I put up, I’d just had it done so it was black. But really, if you see it now, it’s very light. It’s coverable with makeup, and in one go easily it’ll come off. I was a little bit cautious, but I love it. I can get away with it. I hide it at work, and people want me to show it. I don’t think one customer or client has said to me, “Cover it.”

Generally do you attract high rollers?
Not necessarily, it’s a lot of businessmen. I had a shock at first. I’de been working in strip clubs for a long time, and finished at 8 am most of the time. When I got involved with escorting, I started working for an agency. Lovely people. And the woman asked me, “What time would you like to start?” And I said, “9 o’clock,” as in, 9 o’clock at night. She goes, “Oh beautiful. 9am it is.” It’s because it was businessmen. They say they’re going to a meeting, but really, they’re coming to see me.

Do they ever try to “save you” from “this life”?
That’s only happens in stripping. I find it stupid. I’ve made a career out of this lifestyle. I don’t work to live day by day. My house is probably bigger than yours. I probably eat better than you do. You can’t judge somebody because of what they do. Yes some girls stay too long in that industry and they get eaten alive. Some girls, they just know how to play it. You can really have a good time.

You’re Greek Orthodox, so I can imagine your family might disapprove.
They do, and they don’t. My parents weren’t exactly angels either, it was hard for my grandmother. We come from a pretty wealthy, very good family. They way I see it, I worked really, really hard. I have a house, I look after my Princess when she’s around. As much as I can party, it comes to a stop. When you’ve got to go to work, you’ve got to go to work

Your lifestyle’s not without its risks, do you worry about STDs?
No, I haven’t had a scare with a disease. When we used to dance I did, but it wasn’t like that, it was more hygiene stuff. For example we used to use toys in our shows. It would be in a girl’s ass, she’d drop it, and I’d pick it up again. That kind of scares me. In this job, I have a good look around quickly. I’m actually going to start asking people to stick out their tongues for me and tell them, “Can you please pull out your penis and stick out your tongue?” Just the syphilis in your mouth thing, or herpes, but we get pretty good clients. That’s because of he prices we charge. Then again that doesn’t justify being slack. You just need to be careful. My jobs have all been risky.