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Listen to the Rootsy Punk Rock Swagger of 0%

Crude, Scandinavian punk never sounded so good.

by Tim Scott
10 August 2017, 12:05am

0% may be from Copenhagen but listening to their new album God Hates Young People you could easily mistake them as a rootsy Mid Western punk band. Songs such as "Original Man" and "Shark Song" sound like they'd go down just as well in a dumpy bar in Bloomington, Madison or Lexington as they would in the Denmark capital.

Consisting of Danish punk veteran Peter Bonneman, who has appeared in classic bands Amdi Petersens Armé, Gorilla Angreb and No Hope For the Kids, the three-piece take in a punk influence but deliver it with an older US punk that sounds not unlike X or The Flesh Eaters.

Like Bonneman's recent solo work and his other project Sun Bather, the songs of 0% focus on scrappy melody but turn things up with a cruder volume.

"Gonna Die" and the wiry "Numbers Are Even" play with the same post rock rhythms that Spray Paint and Protomartyr work with, while the album's closing track is a cover of Derroll Adams' 1957 folk number "Portland Town".

The vinyl version of 'God Hates Young People' will be available Aug 11 on Mastermind.