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Former One Nation Media Adviser Faces Rape Charge

“You’ve got nowhere to go," Sean David Black allegedly told his victim. "I will kill you."

by Mahmood Fazal
12 July 2018, 6:51am

Sean David Black on left. Image via YouTube

Sean David Black, a former Logan City councillor and a senior media advisera for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, has been charged with three counts of assault causing bodily harm and one count of rape.

The Brisbane court heard that in late October 2007 Sean allegedly pushed a woman down a flight of stairs, jammed her fingers in a door, raped her in a bathroom, and repeatedly threw her against a wall.

Prosecutor Brendan White told the court that although the allegations are over a decade old, the woman’s account was “rich with believable detail” and that “she came across as an honest person.”

It's also claimed that Sean attempted to use his political and police contacts to intimidate the victim. “I know all the politicians,” he allegedly told her. “I know all of the police... you’ve got nowhere to go.”

In his closing address Brendan White alleged that Sean even went so far as to threaten the woman with murder. “Sean told the woman ‘I will shoot you in the head and I will kill you and nobody will even notice you are missing,” he said.

The prosecution claim to have corroborating evidence from doctors' reports of bruising which supported the woman’s testimony.

In defence, barrister Rick Taylor attempted to poke holes in the woman's story. “She had the confidence to weave a fabric of lies into a not-so-convincing story,” he said.

The trial continues.