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Sigur Rós Have Released an Hour of Beautiful New Music Called 'Liminal'

It's the first instalment of a new "endless mixtape" that will be continually added to by the band.

by Lauren O'Neill
09 May 2018, 7:37am

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If you are in the UK, chances are you've got Bank Holiday blues pretty bad. Either you just worked the longest, shittest weekend of your life, full of Sharons asking to Speak to the Manager™, or you're back in a grey office gazing outside at the sun, remembering how pissed you were twelve mere, beautiful hours ago. Either way, it's pretty crap, but guess what? You have some unlikely saviours in the form of Sigur Rós.

The Icelandic band have – in conjunction with their live 'Liminal' soundbaths (one took place at their own event Norður og Niður, with more coming up at this weekend's FORM Arcosanti, and London's Meltdown Festival) – released an "endless mixtape" of brand new music entitled Liminal. According to their site, “the mixtape approaches Sigur Rós as a living, breathing eco-system, identifying the connections and blurring the boundaries between work done and work to come; between brand new music and ideas barely yet born; between songs written 20 years ago and collaborations to be made tomorrow.” In other words, they're going to keep adding to it. It's literally endless. But as of right now, it's one hour long.

The project is available on streaming services, and YouTube (hear it above), and is very much in the band's usual rich, comforting and entirely absorbing wheelhouse – which I'm sure is exactly what you need today.

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