Melbourne's Royal Children’s Hospital Asks Pokémon Players to Stop Dropping Lures

Apparently it was a well-intended effort to cheer up sick kids.

18 July 2016, 12:00am

via Google Maps/Pokémon Go

Poorly placed Pokéstops have landed Pokémon Go in hot water lately. The app considers cemeteries, high schools and memorials like Auchwitz to be "public spaces," and packs them with Pokemon accordingly. This draws eager, culturally oblivious trainers to catch 'em all. Countless institutions, both in Australia and abroad, have issued statements asking players to use a little discretion and some of their head on their hunt.

The latest institution asking trainers to back off is Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital (RCH). Lately, they've been inundated with lure modules attached to Pokéstops nearby. The idea came from this this reddit post several days ago, and has since spread through Facebook. The idea is, of course, to cheer up sick kids.

Unfortunately, that's not quite the effect it's had. A spokesperson for the RCH explains that lures just out of children's reach might actually depress them.

"Patients at the RCH are among the sickest in Victoria," a spokesperson told gaming site Stevivor, emphasising that children can not leave bed to reach the lures.

"We have lots of entertainment and distractions for our patients, who are confined to wards and unable to move about the hospital. Placing lures around the hospital, when children cannot leave their rooms, may create unrealistic expectations, and subsequently, much disappointment."

The spokesperson concluded it would be best if players no longer dropped lures by the hospital, though they "know everyone means well, and appreciate that the kids are in their thoughts."

Another popular post on reddit has suggested taking shelter dogs for walks to collect steps to hatch eggs. VICE is yet to receive a statement from the RSPCA, however concerns have been raised that dogs may be walked to death by overly eager trainers.

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