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Canada's Pissed It’s Footing Bill for Rescuing Drunk Americans Who Literally Floated Over the Border

The "over-refreshed" Americans accidentally crossed the border illegally en masse when high winds blew their river party into Canada.

by Allison Tierney
25 August 2016, 12:00am

Photo via Sarnia Police/Twitter

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.

After what was a contender for worst party foul of all time, in which approximately 1,500 Americans accidentally crossed into Canada while drinking on floats in the St. Clair River, the mayor of Sarnia, Ontario is pretty unhappy that his city had to shoulder the cost of rescuing and cleaning up. According to CBC, the city spent just north of $8,000 in resources after the unsanctioned event called the Port Huron Float Down went wrong.

"I'm hoping that some common sense will spring out of this," Sarnia's mayor, Mike Bradley, told CBC. "We could have had a major tragedy on our hands."

The party started in Port Huron, Michigan and was supposed to end in Marysville, Michigan roughly 12 kilometres away, but due to high winds, attendees were swept into Canadian territory. Though the event is held annually, it usually ends with wasted people in need of rescue assistance, according to authorities. This year, that rescue effort ended with hundreds being pulled from the river by emergency crews and 19 bus trips across the US border to return (likely hungover) Americans to their homeland.

In the video above, a potentially intoxicated, smiling dude on a float says, "We're being towed back to the United States from Canada, and we had a little incident," before being interrupted by another potentially wasted dude grumbling nonsense.

"When you've got over 1,500 people, many of them over-refreshed... on your doorstep, you have to handle them in a manner that doesn't lead to any other issues," Bradley said.

The $8,000 expense included costs from police, transit, the fire department, and the public works and parks department. However, the Canadian Coast Guard also helped in the rescue effort and has yet to release the amount it spent.

"There were Americans everywhere... There was no chance for anything floating, or people on inner tubes, to go anywhere but Canada." Canadian Coast Guard member Peter Garapick told CBC.

Way to make Canadians hate Americans even more, guys, and good luck with your upcoming federal election. You deserved to end up in Sarnia, a place also known as "Chemical Valley."

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