VICE Premieres: Kirin J Callinan's Video for "WIIW"

Feelings will be had. Dark, dark feelings.

Point blank fact: This song and video is going to make you feel explicit. And if it doesn't, then you're not living your life correctly.

Australian doom-charmer Kirin J Callinan recently signed to Terrible Records and his 7" is coming out digitally on June 19th, and on vinyl July 31st. Kirin's full-length will be out in the fall and by then I'll want it so badly that I will most likely snap it in half and shove the pieces up my own vagina. Um ..... haha. Things just got weird.

Guess how many times this video has been watched in our office over the past couple of days? If you guessed "a shit ton," you are correct, stranger. 

Enjoy! And remember, vitamin E is really good for preventing scars. 

ps. Here's a direct link to the song, so you can switch between the video visuals, and your pervy brain's visuals.