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Hang Out Among the Cherry Blossoms with Evanda and His Cool Perth Crew

Watch Evanda and his buds goof off in the new video for 'Dontknow'.

by Jennifer Park
19 December 2016, 12:58am

OG Gree 2 is Evanda's third mixtape, Evanda being the name of one of Perth's up-and-coming rappers in its young but burgeoning local hip-hop scene. Spearheading the Home Baked crew, the MC has reflected the carefreeness of his community in his new video for track "Dontknow", a cherry blossom ode to being young and cool.

Somewhere in a pretty Perth garden, Evanda and friends mess around on camera: rolling cigarettes, chewing on a Maccas burger, pouring Hennessy on the ground, and pushing each other out the frame so each can pull their own silly face in front of the lens. All the while, pink flowers fall gracefully from the sweet cherry blossom trees they're surrounded by. 

Self-directed, the soft, dreamy production by Home Baked brother Luchii goes hand in hand with the warmth of the clip, which feels more like a lovely reverie than a music video.

Watch the video below.