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Listen to Fred Falke's Funky House Remix of Rebecca & Fiona

"Holler" is just right for that backyard day party you're planning.

by Lauren Schwartzberg
01 May 2014, 6:00pm

Rebecca & Fiona seem cute, smart and fun, and they make good music, so they probably get a lot of attention from guys. But the best part of this song is that they are literally asking for it. Only a #PowerBitch can really say what she wants—and then get it. For this remix, the Stockholm duo's "Holler" gets a funky house makeover from French DJ Fred Falke, and it's awesome. Not enough house music has the classic verse-chorus-bridge song structure and the vocals and lyrics here are totally refreshing. It's a rare remix gem, so sit in the sun with your girls and soak this one in. You can only become a power bitch with years of learning and practice.

For more Rebecca & Fiona's check out their album Beauty is Pain, which dropped yesterday.