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Who Made Bobby Brackins' 'Hot Box' Even Hotter? Sinden Did.

Get your whisky and solo cup ready.
23 January 2015, 8:00pm

Unless you've been sleeping under a rock and/or live in North Korea (in which case it's unlikely you're reading this, unless of course you partake in their DIY club scene)—you've surely cozied up to the sex, drugs, and alcohol-fueled bangingness of Bobby Brackin's hit single "Hot Box." In listening, you may have found yourself wondering—c_an this shit get any hotter?._

The answer is yes. And it's all been made possible via LA-based producer/DJ, Sinden. The artist leaves much of the track's makeup intact, but adds to insert a gnarly bassline and array of glitchy bleeps that swiftly raise the original's temperature to levels that quite possibly could ignite the summer solstice a whopping five months early.

If you find yourself in the club tonight, you may hear "Hot Box" blaring through the speakers at some point. If you really want to be ahead of the curve, and bring the house down to its knees, bring your laptop/iPhone/Android device straight to the DJ booth, tap the guy on the shoulder, and have them plug this shit in. They won't be disappointed. We promise.

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